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pilar pequeño

Nature is the absolute protagonist of Pilar Pequeno's work, in which beauty rules over all things, yet in which we encounter method, creative strategy and coherence. Since 1981, the date of her first works, to the present, the observation of her surroundings, and especially the search for certain aspects of nature, largely define all her production. If we exclude the series Washington (19881991), in which she mainly photographed cityscapes and buildings, the rest of her oeuvre consists of images of flowers, plants and natural settings. In a roundtrip process, from her Pa/sales from 1982, to Hue/las (2005), her most recent series, Pequeno has photographed the diverse possibilities the natural world offers us, a sort of subtle and lyrical botany rescuing the beauty and eclipsing the passage of time on all she portrays.

In Invernaderos (19821990), she focused on those structures in which the same temperature is maintained all year round, a sort of interior portrait in which plants and humidity grow amid sheets of plastic. In 1985, she produced Hojas, a project requiring delicacy and meticulousness and serving as a preamble of her most important series Plantas, which she initiated in 1993 and which has been continued into the present through different series: puddles, wildflowers, natural flowers, underwater flowers... Diverse possibilities of penetrating a world of vegetation in which water is very important, because of the possibilities it provides the leaves and plants with respect to transparencies and nuances.

The flowers and plants are sometimes photographed during her walks in the country, and other times brought to her studio, positioned and lit, thus essentially creating stilllifes in which light and shadow define forms and sheens. These plants and fruits comprise an entire botanical catalogue, always in timeless formats, dimensions befitting delicate, intimist images that seem to demand our calmness and silence as a condition for gaining access to their secrets. Her latest project deals with man's vestiges in nature, a return to her "American" project from the late 1980s, though now with a broader scope and addressing vanishing points and outstanding elements of architecture through an ever elegant and classic approach.

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Editorial: Exit.2005


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