The Poetics Of Light (1 of 5)
Text: María Teresa Gutiérrez Barranco

...And clouds and dreams the colour of these stones
eaten away by the centuries,
old wall with moss coating the reddish tiles
and holm oaks
of lush green and with new music,
traces of anonymous footsteps
like signatures written in dust on the pavement,
man’s fleeting passage...

Ripe for sleep
Juan Ruiz Peña

Traces captivates the viewer from the very start. You begin by listening to the silence, journeying into the past from the present, navigating its subtle colours, drinking in the magic that envelops you and hearing the wail of the faint wind you sense outside the buildings; you come into contact with previous lives, dreaming them, imagining them. You are breathing a living atmosphere.

With her all-pervading sensibility, the photographer instils life into the inanimate and invites us to join her on an emotional journey through time, sharing the visual epic poem she has created. She has shaped this photographic poem from her own feelings, writing its verses in a colour that is far from garish. She has woven her language around the passage of time and decadent beauty, transporting us to intimate and faraway lands, both of her own soul and of places and things.

It is a poetics of what is no more, of a time past, of a time that is dead. A refined visual language that causes the past to return to the present through settings steeped in emotion: scratched, shabby walls, the choice of lighting and the creation of instants that freeze this moment, salvaging what time already partly destroyed. Poetry and photography to give new life.

She has undertaken her own inner journey and theresulting images are therefore a far cry from the cold register of documentary photography. Her vision is a symbiosis between her inner world and the settings in front of her, and – as usual– she succeeds in telling an authentic and true story. She makes these dying settings talk, putting her own words into their mouths so that they tell us their stories.

La poética de la luz 2017

She blends the buildings into the present time and displays them to us, as if risen Lazaruses, in a visual synthesis shaped from the intimism of her own skilled photographer’s gaze, full of simplicity and suggestions. She endeavours to hide, not wishing to be part of it, while tinging everything with the mastery of her know-how and expertise in all that her camera touches. And she always does so with the great humility of the masters who care only about the creatures they create.

The pictures shown here have their origins in the first photographs she took of the ruins of the spa hotel of Mondariz in 1997.

Four years later she produced the beautiful photograph of the abandoned house of Pedras Salgadas in northern Portugal – an image where her mastery of lights and ability to turn them into poetry once again proves to be one of her most characteristic traits

Traces is a visual account of the poetics of the passage of time. It brings together the vicissitudes of two journeys – two settings that blend into a single, intimate and personal story: the Baixo Miño and, at the opposite end of the country, the Mar Menor on the Mediterranean coast. It is a deep, moving dialogue with two buildings that are slowly dying. The end becomes a fresh beginning. Loss turns into enrichment. The sum of the stories assembled between their walls. Night giving way to daybreak.


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