pilar pequeño.

Madrid 1944.

After several yearsusing the technique of freehand drawing, she began to work with photography in several series that had much in common and where nature was always a constant.

In 1982 she begins the series “landscapes”, fragments of nature that is seen from the close view of the spectator and where water, an element that will be present throughout her later works, appears in the form of a river, fog, a creek…  In that same year, she also begins the series “greenhouses” (1982-1990) where plants are shown behind the plastic sheets of the greenhouses covered in dew.  The first images of this series are more descriptive, but as she becomes more submerged in the work, getting even closer to the subject and fragmenting it from its surrounding, the images become almost abstractions. 

At the same time (1985), she makes her shortest series,“leaves”, photographing the water of the puddles in the Retiro Park of Madrid, where the close-ups of the leaves, in the same way as the plants in the last part of the greenhouse series, appear as fragmented reality.
Between 1988 through 1991 she travels through Europe and the U.S and develops her first urban landscape - a series on the Metropolitan area of Washington D.C.

In 1992 she begins the series “plants”, her largest and most representative collection in which she continues to experiment in today.  This collection is formed of several series that are developedsimultaneously where one photograph can become the catalyst to a new path of investigation. 
The first images of plants were taken in nature and in botanical gardens, using a great approximation to the subject studied.   Then, in 1993, she begins to photograph inside her study, which allows her more freedom to create.  In this way, she is able to place diverse forms, alter backgrounds, but, mainly, use natural light in a controlled form – directing it, filtering it… create her own illuminated scenery.  Water again appears; this time as drops over flower cuttings.

In 1994 she introduces the plants into water, commencing in this way the series “vases” and “immersed plants”, where water, glass and light are the elements that transform reality. 

From 1997 to 2005 she creates the series "tracks, fragments of time", photographs of abandoned places; a work about the action of man in the landscape, the passage of time, memory, and nature´s recuperation of what was his.         
The celebration in 2005 of the exhibit “Don Quijote, a new view” instigated the start of the series “still life”, recreating the atmosphere present in the still life´s of the Golden Century  (mid XVI century to mid XVII century) when Cervantes wrote “Don Quijote de la Mancha”.

In 2006 and 2007 she carries out the series” the Samanna, impressions” on the Island of Saint Martin, in the West French Indies, a commissioned work consisting in the preparation of a signature book and production of the photographs for an exhibition.  All the images where created in the gardens and buildings of the Hotel “the Samanna” and the Baie Longue beach where it is located. 

In 2008 she starts working with digital camera and begins to explore colour as a language in itself.

This same year, she begins a new project “Nearby landscapes” 2008-2013. The theme is nature, main theme of all her work, but this time not only physically but also personally. They are photographs of her natural surroundings where she lives and of the places she goes for her walks. Just like in her first landscapes, she continues to search for the alterations produced by the light and the flow of rivers, creaks and shores throughout the seasons.

In 2009 she begins to incorporate colour into her plant series.

In 2010 she is awarded by the Ministery of Culture with the Golden Merits Awards for Fine Arts.



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1987. Pilar en el Sotillo

1987. Pilar in Sotillo (© José Puga)

2009. Pilar en el pantano

2009. Pilar at there servoir (© Angélica Suela de la llave)


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